About TessaResidential

We Understand Property

A Little About Tessa Residential

Tessa are property management experts and market leaders, with over 40 years’ industry experience in the Brisbane property market. Over the last five years Tessa’s combined agency and management rights portfolio has exceeded $2B of properties under management. Tessa Residential manages nearly 1500 properties under the Tessa brand.

Tessa Residential is a market leader in building and property management services. Our team of managers are highly trained and knowledgeable to ensure they provide the best service for property owners and residents alike.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to manage buildings which bring opportunity to residents by enriching their lifestyle, by choosing prime locations throughout Brisbane and buildings that have superior amenities. With features such as rooftop pools, open plan living spaces, well-appointed communal areas, gyms and dog parks, we can proudly stand behind our products.

Tessa Residential prides itself on delivering market-leading customer service to all stakeholders. Tessa work in conjunction with the Developer to jointly deliver a high-quality customer experience.

Tessa – being both a property manager and developer – is uniquely positioned to fully appreciate the key considerations and deliverables a developer requires from a management rights operator. By retaining property management services on our developments we can use our experience to ensure outstanding results across all management-rights assets. This is another point of difference that differentiates Tessa from market operators in the management rights industry.

Why Tessa?

  • Market leaders in settlement of new high density buildings
  • Market-recognised property and building management teams
  • Industry recognised for delivering faster rental absorption and rent premiums as benchmarked against the market
  • Professional process around management of defects
  • Strong process around management and leasing of properties with rental guarantees
  • Ability to communicate strongly between all key stakeholders (developer, residents, owners, body corporate managers, body corporate committee)
  • High class end-to-end experience for all residents:- owner occupiers and tenants
  • Provided detailed interactive process for residents around the settlement and move-in process
  • Operate a strong front of house business with well trained, well presented and uniformed staff
  • Interactive use of technology for the effective management of investor, owners and tenants
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