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Tessa the Operator

Tessa Residential is a dedicated and professional property management team. Tessa ensures that both the initial and ongoing leasing and building management services are seamlessly administered. A market leader in property and building management services, Tessa has a unequivocal track record of success in Management Rights.

Tessa is privately owned and its principal director and key management staff are career residential property managers with over 40 successful years in the Brisbane property industry.

The operational management team for each building comprises the following:

Property Management

Senior Property Manager
Property Manager
Leasing Manager

Building Management

Senior Property Manager
Property Manager
Leasing Manager

Senior & Executive Team

Senior Property Manager
Property Manager
Leasing Manager

The Tessa Experience

24/7 Access

24/7 access to your property file, wherever and whenever you want it.


Ability to pay and monitor all outgoings, including Rates, Urban Utilities, Body Corporate Levies.


Strong communication is our business through tailored email, phone, Skype, mail or appointment.


Highly trusted and skilled team of tradespeople to undertake any maintenance.

Owner Distributions

Owner disbursements twice a month. Have your money more often.

Selection Process

Careful tenant selection with vigorous tenancy verification and compliance.


Property Managers and Building Management staff working side by side providing 100% unity.


Comprehensive routine inspections every 4 months detailed with photos.

Past Assets

Consistent training and development for all staff.


Latest in technology to more efficiently serve you.

Zero Tolerance

Monitor tenants rental payments daily – Zero tolerance rental arrears policy.


We discuss all requests of maintenance with you before work will be commenced.

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